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Five Ambitions of the Sarah T. Reed High School Team

September 9, 2011

By Tiffany Montano, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Sarah T. Reed High School

The City Year team at Sarah T. Reed High School has been hard at work brainstorming and beginning to implement our ideas on how to engage students and improve the school community as a whole.  These are some of our ideas:

1.      Joining the 12 Book Challenge – The students at STRHS have been challenged to read 12 books of at least 100 pages by December.  In an act of solidarity with the students, as well as wondering if we even have it in ourselves, many of us have joined.  In our classroom, we have displayed which of each team member is reading which book for the students to see.

2.      Word of the Day – As of this week, Principal Jackson has begun announcing our decided word of the day and challenges the students over the intercom to submit a sentence with the correct usage of the word to our classroom.  Each student who submits one is given an Olympian Buck (which can be used to buy school supplies and snacks at the Olympian Buck Store).  The student who submits the best sentence will receive five Olympian Bucks.  The submission rate is low, but steadily increasing as more students become aware of this program.

3.      IPODs at the Olympian Buck Store – The STRHS team is working hard to reach a deal with Apple Inc to purchase 25-30 discounted IPODs to sell at the Olympian Buck Store.  IPODs will most likely run for anywhere from 250-500 Olympian Bucks.

4.      Community Garden – We noticed that STRHS has a community garden that is currently rather neglected.  We plan to fix up the garden and recruit student involvement in maintaining the garden.

5.      Writing Center – We would like to open a writing center for STRHS.  Students will be able to bring in academic or personal writing to have one-on-one sessions with City Year tutors.  Eventually, we would like to see peer tutors take over the role as writing consultants.  After all, we here at City Year have discovered that the best way to learn is to teach.

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