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New After School Programs at Reed Elementary!

September 14, 2011

A Reed Elementary Royal Tiger decked out in a City Year vest (drawn by Laura Slotkoff)!

By Laura Slotkoff, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Reed Elementary School

This week has been the beginning of the afterschool program at Reed Elementary (Go Royal Tigers!) The kids, grades 2nd through 8th, are thrilled to have this opportunity to express themselves creatively after their very academic school day.  There is one Corps Member working with each group, based on our own individual strengths and preferences.  They start with tutoring and homework help for half an hour. Then they participate in sports, art, creative writing, foreign languages, drama, dancing/cheerleading, choir or photography.

I am delighted to be teaching the photography group. I have a bachelors degree in photography and teaching it to children is something I always wanted to do. It is so beneficial for them because it can be used as a tool for learning any of their academic subjects in a fun way, whether it is history, science, math or E.L.A (English language arts.) It is also a great way for them to show their own unique perspective on their life and surroundings.  I can’t wait to see what exciting, creative pictures they come up with.

I develop my own lesson plans and curriculum.  It’s a level of responsibility and freedom I haven’t had before.  I love having the flexibility to try out new ideas with the support of such encouraging teachers and staff. There are definitely challenges ahead, such as finding cameras for them to use and making sure the lessons are appropriate for the variety of ages, but I am confident we have a great year ahead of us.

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