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Five Things Friday: Five Reasons Students Have Earned Olympian Bucks

September 16, 2011

By Tiffany Montaño, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Sarah T. Reed High School

Students can earn Olympian Bucks at Sarah T. Reed High School for being prompt, respectful, and great.  Olympian Bucks can be used at the school store to buy, pencils, candy, and other treats. I have been taking note of the specific ways in which our students demonstrate these characteristics.

  1. We have our own room inside of Sarah T. Reed High where we tutor students.  Students have been earning three Olympian Bucks for solving tough math problems displayed in the City Year room.  For example: Festival tickets are $3.00 for adults and $1.75 for students.  The festival brought in $1,425.  How many children and how many adults attended the festival?
  2. Students have also been earning five Olympian Bucks for turning in a sentence with the correct usage of the word of the day.  One student wrote, “You will not find any docile wolves in the woods.”
  3. Students who come to the City Year room during class have been earning bucks for finishing 100% of their work with 100% accuracy.
  4. One student in particular has earned several Bucks over the last few days for not only turning around his perception of special education students, but for also assisting compassionately in one student’s learning in the classroom.
  5. We have also been giving bucks to students who take vocabulary words from their classes and use them correctly in their raps.

We look forward to being given more reasons to reward our students!


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