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Reed Elementary Flag Football!

September 26, 2011

By Laura Slotkoff, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Reed Elementary School

Reed Elementary played their first flag football game of the season last Saturday.  Six corps members, myself included, went to Pan Am Stadium in City Park to cheer on the Royal Tigers. We sat in the bleachers with our students as they excitedly watched the other teams playing, awaiting their turn to rush the field. “Coach is taking us for pizza if we win!” one of them told me.

There are about twenty kids on the team, a mix of boys and girls, fourth through eighth graders. Despite these differences, they all really worked together, forming a common understanding of a word they’ve heard often during group projects for class: “teamwork.”

The Reed Elementary team was the only one without uniforms. Their opponents had red jerseys and large hulking students that towered over our fourth graders. Cheerleaders in uniform along the side rooted for the red team, repeating the same adorable cheer; “Let’s get rowdy!” While Reed’s cheerleaders are not yet ready to perform, corps member Ellen Huffman is working with them to bring out those pom poms soon.

It was wonderful seeing their reaction to all of the support and cheering from the bleachers. In addition to City Year, there were many families and teachers there to encourage them. Even the fourth through sixth grade principal was there, cheering them on. “It was a great way to meet the families of the students we work with,” said corps member Anna Kann. “We don’t normally get an opportunity like that during the school day.”

          Though the other team unfortunately stole the lead at the end of the game, they are still winners to all of us who saw them play. “They are learning to discipline themselves,” said Mr. Smith, cultural advisor and coach. “They are learning that you get out of it what you put in and that hard work pays off. I want them to know that if you dedicate yourself to something you can become a winner. We just need to work on a few things and I know we are going to have a great season ahead of us.” My City Year team looks forward to watching them play at their next game. We can’t wait to see how they’ve expanded their skills and talents!

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