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Five Reasons to Dance at School

September 27, 2011
By Tiffany Montano, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Sarah T. Reed High School
1.      Talent show:  On Friday, September 16, Sarah T. Reed High School held a talent show luring a lot of talent out of the woodwork.  Students of all ages braved America’s number one fear – public speaking and performance.  The acts ranged from spoken word, to presenting original beats and rhymes, to singing popular songs.  The audience raved as though they were at bounce show.
2.      The Principal:  Everyday, before his beginning of day and end of day announcements, Principal Jackson plays a clip of one of his favorite songs over the intercom.  The styles of music vary so that at some point everyone will find something they can dance to.
3.      Attendance Party:  City Year played the students’ favorite kind of music – bounce – at the Attendance Party honoring students with perfect attendance for the month of August.  Naturally, the music inspired a dance off between break-dancer student, Jimmy, and our very own City Year Team Leader, Pedro DuFoe.  Jimmy dazzled his peers while Pedro, with little to no experience, provided comic relief for the once stiff and timid students.
4.      Good grades:  This is indeed a reason to dance!  In one of my classes, a student of mine busted out a victory dance when he scored a 109% for his cumulative benchmark test in English. 
5.      Passing period:  With only half an hour for lunch and three minutes in between each class, students have little to no time to exert any energy in their eight-hour school day.  Their free time must be maximized.  Students often strut down the hallways, from class to class, to the beat of their own moods. 
There are many reasons to dance at school.  Sometimes we worry that the students are overwhelmed by routine and monotony but, we see that their hearts and spirits beat on.
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  1. Valerie Montano permalink
    September 27, 2011 10:56 pm

    Beautiful, Tiff!

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