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The Human Rights Campaign: A Resource for Students

September 28, 2011


By Kaitlin Tyrrill, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Reed Elementary School

There are many concerns to be taken into account when discussing homophobia with youth, but the need to address the issue is great. 

The gay pride festival, Southern Decadence, took place in New Orleans on August 29th through September 3rd.  This was the festival’s 40thyear and the community continues to come out in even greater numbers.  The six day festival is estimated to have brought in close to $100 million in tourist revenue this year.  With a presence like that, it is hard to deny that New Orleans is home to a large gay community.
However, in schools across New Orleans it remains difficult to find support for students who identify as gay or are questioning their sexuality.  As the issue is complicated and controversial, not everyone may be qualified, or feel comfortable, addressing the issue, especially when it comes to youth.
Educators, mentors, and role models need to let students know that there is support for them.  One way of doing this is to ask students to think about what they mean when they use the word gay as an insult.  Another way is to direct students to organizations that support young people struggling with their sexuality.  The Human Rights Campaign is a very prevalent organization at events like Southern Decadence, has a Youth & Campus Activism page with ways to find support and get involved.
The website is a great source for not only students, but their parents and educators as well.  Working with resources like The Human Rights Campaign is a good way to make sure that New Orleans students are aware of themselves, each other, and the larger community around them.
The Human Rights Campaign


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