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A Special Nurse

October 30, 2011

Photo by Laura Slotkoff

By Kaitlin Tyrrill, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Reed Elementary School

In the midst of another busy week, I would like to take a moment and showcase one of many great staff members at Reed Elementary School. Ms. Larche sees herself as somewhat of a grandmother to the students and has been the school nurse at Reed Elementary since it reopened after Hurricane Katrina. This long history with the students is part the reason many of them feel so comfortable seeking her help or assistance in some of the most personal areas of their lives. Ms. Larche is also always listening and nodding, understanding that “sometimes kids need a little extra T.L.C.”

While Ms. Larche spends much of her day working on individual health care plans for students with special needs, she can always be found in her office, or just around the corner, even if it’s just to provide an ice pack or pat on the back. She is so well versed in her position that she knows what to expect at certain times of the day, and has even arranged her office in order to work with this traffic most efficiently. She is also responsible for developing health care policies, procedures, protocol, and trainings for faculty, staff, and parents. This includes occasional visits from the very informative, tutu-wearing tooth fairy who leaves behind a tooth brush and sticker for every student.

When I mentioned that the City Year team at Reed was grateful to Ms. Larche for her caring spirit and all her work, she said she appreciated being here, and that she was glad to see City Year at Reed during this first year turnaround: “I really notice a difference in the kids. It appears as if they’re really engaged and learning and enjoying it.”

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