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Unity Rally: An Important Part of City Year’s Culture

December 29, 2011

Quinton, Andrew, and Brett line up and stay warm at Unity Rally.

Every morning that the whole corps comes together, for either Leadership Development Days or a day of community service, we hold Unity Rally.  Unity Rally consists of two parts, Physical Training and the reading of the Daily Briefing. 

Physical Training, or PT for short, has the whole corps performing light calisthenics such as jumping jacks and pushups. Because of how challenging our work is, we do PT as a way to re-center our bodies and minds.

The Daily Briefing is the newsletter that lists important local events, inspiring words, and the day’s schedule.   We use this as tool to make sure the whole corps is literally on the same page.

Below are pictures of the corps holding a Unity Rally in front of the Hurricane Katrina Monument in downtown New Orleans.  All of these photos were taken by the very talented Laura Slotkoff!

Clockwise from front: Tai'Quay, Audrey, Maggie, Mark, and Anna in formation.


Unity Rally is always a good time to just get together and enjoy one another (Mark, Maggie, Jarvis, and Vicki do just that).


Lalita, Ellen, Jasmine, and Maggie (in back) clap it out.

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