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A Not-So-Crazy Idea

February 16, 2012

By Tiffany Montano, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Sarah T. Reed High School

Think back to October 2011 and the crazy idea dinner.  The night took an interesting turn when Sarah T. Reed High and Renew Accelerated tied for first to split the award.  I am pleased to announce that I only have good news to report.

Photo by Tiffany Montano

After careful deliberation, the writing center at Sarah T. Reed High School is finally underway!  On Friday February 10, we threw a grand opening party complete with all of our supporters, consisting of City Year, school administration, teachers, interns from Tulane, and, most importantly, our peer-tutors.

The following Monday the writing center opened for business.  The day started somewhat nerve wracking with no students coming into the writing center during first period.  Then, something amazing happened.  During the short hour of second period, five students came into the writing center with a plethora of purpose.

Our lovely peer-tutors jumped right into their roles.  One of our peer-tutors, who was not scheduled, even had the humility to come into the writing center to be tutored herself.  Students worked on black history essays, poetry, and raps.  Yesterday confirmed to me that my conviction is true – these students have so much to offer each other and, what’s more, they recognize it.

Students and peer-tutors alike have been given the opportunity to help each other grow.  I know of no better way to demonstrate this but by quoting one of our tutor’s comments in our writing center records.

“She learned two new facts about Martin Luther King and I learned two new things as well.”


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