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Sarah T. Reed Elementary’s Literature Magazine

May 11, 2012

As an end-of-the year gift to her school, Corps Member Ellen Huffman created a literature magazine highlighting the very best writing and art at Sarah T. Reed Elementary.  Here on the blog, we are proud to feature a few of these exceptional pieces of student work.

Dr. King: A Role Model to Us All

By the class of 8A

Would you like to be one of the first honored African-Americans in the United States? My role model is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I admire Dr. King because he fought for Civil Rights, was confident, and believed in peace. His legacy encourages me to be a positive person.

I think Martin Luther King Jr. is a great role model because he fought for Civil Rights. His “I Have a Dream” speech is a historic event. His dream was for all people to be created equal. He inspires me to do better. His work makes me feel that I can change the world. I respect him a lot.

Martin Luther King was a confident man. Despite numerous death threats against him, he continued to fight for what he believed in. By leading the Selma march, he sent a great message and gave other African-Americans confidence. Up until the day he died, Martin Luther King never doubted himself. Thanks to Dr. King, I am brave enough to stand up for my beliefs. I share my opinions without having fear and I protect my family just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Also, Martin Luther King Jr. believed in non-violent ways to achieve equality. He demonstrated this by leading boycotts, marches, and giving speeches. That inspires me because it shows me that if he can put up with segregation and racism non-

violently, then people in our time should do the same. The community should stop worrying about getting even and getting revenge. Dr. King showed me that violence is not the only way to my handle my problems.

Dr. King is my role model because he fought for my rights, he was a confident man and he believed in non-violence. I feel that he was a great person. He worked hard and risked his life for everyone to be treated equally. Dr. King didn’t believe in color or racism. Martin Luther King Jr. is my role model because I look up to him as a leader.


A Lion’s Hunt for Friends

By A. Nelson, 6th Grade

One day Larry the Lion was walking around the lake, looking for something to do.  He had played with his Legos, his red truck, and his favorite teddy bear, named Bo.  He had even eaten a big green apple from a tree.  Larry the Lion looked down and spied the log that belonged to Lizzie the Lizard.

“Maybe Lizzie the Lizard will play with me,” Larry thought.  As gently as he could, Larry the Lion knocked on the door.  But to his surprise the door fell in!

“Leapin’ Lizards!” Lizzie exclaimed in surprise.  “I’m sorry, Lizzie.  I didn’t mean to break your door.  Will you play with me?”  Larry the Lion asked hopefully.

“Go away, Larry!” Lizzie the Lizard shouted.  “You’re too big and loud to play with!”  Larry the Lion hung his head and walked slowly away.  Later that day Larry the Lion came upon a lane.  Sitting in a tree by the lane was a group of larks.  “I wonder if the larks will play with me,” Larry the Lion thought.

As nicely as he could, Larry the Lion walked up to the larks.  “May I play with you?” he asked, but the larks just laughed and flew away.  Larry the Lion sniffled and walked away.

A half hour later Larry the Lion ran into a group of lambs.  But before he could ask them to

play, they all ran away quickly in fear.  A very sad


Larry the Lion walked back to the lakefront.

“No one wants to play with me,” he moaned.  “I guess I am really big and loud.”  Larry the Lion sat down heavily.

“What’s wrong, Mister Lion?” a small turtle asked.  “Why are you so sad?”

“Aren’t you scared of me, little turtle?” Larry replied sadly.  “Don’t you see?  I’m big and loud.” He roared. “And no one wants to play with me.”

“Aw, you’re not so big and loud,” the turtle said.  “I will play with you.”

“Really?” Larry asked, not believing his ears.

“I’m Tommy,” the turtle said.  “What do you want to do?

“I’m Larry and I just want to go for a walk because of the sunset.”

The Lonely Old Guy with his Wife, Mrs. Guy

By B. Gary, 5th Grade

One day there lived an old guy.  The old guy’s name was Mr. Guy.  One day Mr. Guy got a letter from Mrs. Guy, his wife.  The letter said, “Dear Mr. Guy, it will take three days before I get home.  –Your Wife.” Then Mr. Guy started crying and said “God, do I really have to wait for my wife to come home?”

Three days later— “Baby,” said Mr. Guy, “I’m having an asthma attack, come help me please.”  Mrs. Guy came right away, but he was already dead.  She told herself “What could I do? I came very quickly.”  At church two months later, Mrs. Guy died.

Artwork by

T. Brown, 8th Grade

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