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Why I Serve: Briana Luth

August 24, 2012

Briana is pictured on the right. Anna Kann, her teammate at Reed Elementary School, is pictured on the left.

Why did I decide to serve with City Year?  I served for many reasons. I served to help others, to grow up, and to explore something new. Now, I have returned to serve with City Year New Orleans for a second year as Project Leader.  I continue to serve with City Year because I found much more than what I was looking for. I found a truly impactful organization fueled by Idealism and the power of young people. I found a space for positive change and solid initiative to make both schools and communities strong and healthy. I found a culture that is open and makes me feel a part of something larger than myself. I found a city that I love and friends who I will never forget. The past ten months were not easy, but the triumphs and trials I face on a daily basis have made me the big citizen I am today. Even though I cannot always see it, I know I am making a difference in the lives of the people I serve.  The true gift, however, is the impact the people I serve make on my life.   

Briana Luth is from West Haven, Connecticut and is a graduate of Plainfield High School.  She served as a corps member at Reed Elementary School last year and has returned for a second year of service as Project Leader. 


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