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A Pivotal Age

September 24, 2012

A friend of mine recently asked me, “What is the most pivotal age in your life?” I replied, “This year.”

 At the age of 21 I am beginning my journey of a coming of age period.  As odd as it sounds, it feels as if I am now transitioning into the “Grown Up Phase.” None of this would have been possible without my experience in City Year. It all started six months ago, second semester senior year.

I was frantic while I was going about my daily routine of taking class, participating in  extra-curricular activities, going to work and keeping time open for family and friends.  Despite all of this, there was always one thing on my mind that frightened me: “What am I doing after I graduate?” I looked at different AmeriCorps programs, looked at Graduate schools in education, Teach for America, and even researched the Peace Corps. As clueless and overwhelmed as can be, it just so happened that City Year fell onto my lap.

I was taking the college transit van, talking to my roommate about City Year, when the driver told me that she was part of City Year last year in Baton Rouge. Excited as ever, I exchanged numbers with her and we made coffee plans.  At the coffee shop, she gave me all the details and information. What made it even better was that she was not a City Year representative.  She did not  travel to colleges and sell the program to students, she was just an enthusiastic alumni. She went to my school, and we both shared a love for Louisiana and education. It was because of her that I decided to apply.

Joining City Year became my focus and passion. Every other option I had in mind did not matter because I chose City Year. But would City Year choose me? During spring break I flew to New Orleans, met the staff and fell in love with the organization even more. I placed all my eggs in one basket and thought to myself that this is an all or nothing deal. Either I can get this opportunity or I go back to the drawing board.

After taking my leap of faith, placing all of my eggs in one basket, and risking the unknown, I was accepted into City Year. I felt blessed to see the stars align, and see that my fate was truly meant to happen. To look back now and see my journey, it is mind blowing. There are a lot of failures and obstacles that can impede us from taking risks, but I feel that all that it takes to succeed in life is merely that. It takes risks.


Fidgi Simeon is from Worcester, MA and attended Clark University.  She is a Corps Member proudly serving at Samuel J. Green Charter School.

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