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Staff Profile: Program Manager Danielle Beard

October 4, 2012

Blogger Aaron Bryant took the time to interview his Program Manager, Danielle Beard.  Prior to working with City Year, Danielle was an interventionist at Langston Hughes Academy.

A: Hello Ms. D, how are you today?

D: Good!

A: That’s great! I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions. My first question is: “What’s the most challenging part of leading a team of ten Corps Members?”

D: The hardest part about is reminding myself to be a “Mastery model,” so to speak, or to lead by example.  Also, maintaining a balance between administration and supporting corps members can be challenging.

A: What would you change about yourself if you could?

D: I would listen more.

A: What was your favorite experience in LHA. before City Year?

D: I loved working with the students, especially 3rd Graders.  I was very proud when I found that they, as a grade, had the best I-Leap scores last year.

A: What have you regretted about City Year?

D: That’s a tough one.  I do not regret anything, but I wish that I reached out for more support from CY before taking on the Program Manager position. 

A: What has been the thing you have done best?

D: City Year has helped me in building relationships, being transparent and being honest.

A: Anything you want to close off with?

D: I feel that joining City Year and being a manager will open the path way and will lead to greater things because I can now affect many students through my corps members.

A: Thank you very much.



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