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Corps Member Spotlight: Rocky Moon

January 3, 2013


A brief interview with Rocky Moon,Service Director for MLK Day and Corps Member serving on the Patrick F. Taylor team at John Dibert Community School

By Aaron Bryant, Corps Member Proudly Serving on the CSX Team at Langston Hughes Academy

What was your expectation of City Year when you started? How has it changed?

I expected City Year to be a behavioral and academic intervention program and to work with youth a lot. My perception of it changed due to the hours. Also, I did not expect City Year culture pieces to be so fundamental. Finally, I did not expect to be so close to the students; I had thought we would be working at more of a distance.

Can you speak a little bit about your experience on the MLK Committee?

The first thing is that it is time consuming — big time. Every time we accomplish something though, whether it’s securing a service partner or in-kinding food, it’s immensely satisfying.  It’s a really challenging position.  Little things you think would not be hard end up being pretty difficult, such as getting in contact with the right people.

Can you describe your role as Service Director?

I have to do a little bit of everything in regards to planning MLK Day. I have to be able to coordinate everyone else’s responsibilities while doing my own. I make sure everyone is at the same place and getting things done.  Furthermore, Matt [Durham] and I contact all of our potential service partners and act as the primary liaisons to these partners.

What do you think the most difficult thing about City Year has been so far?

Definitely planning MLK Day.

What is your favorite City Year culture piece?

Hmm. PITWs are probably my favorite.


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