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“Bart’s B’s or Better” at Langston Hughes Academy

March 14, 2013

Attorney Morris Bart, Hornets Player Ryan Anderson, and Hugo the Hornet visit the Langston Hughes scholars.

By Aaron Bryant, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Langston Hughes Academy

Each year, the Hornets choose up to four schools to participate in the Barts B’s or Better program. Morris Bart is a local attorney who teams up with the Hornets for this program that encourages all students in grades 1-5 to earn a “B” or better grade average during a pre-determined grading period. Those students who succeed in earning a B grade point average receive three tickets to a New Orleans Hornets home game, courtesy of Morris Bart and the New Orleans Hornets. 

This year, McDonogh City Park, McDonogh 42, Andrew Wilson, and Langston Hughes Academy have been chosen to participate in the Bart’s B’s or Better program. Each school gets its own “Kick-Off” assembly, complete with an appearance from the Hornets’ team mascot Hugo the Hornet and the Honeybees dance team, to help motivate the students to do well in school.

This year, all students who meet the Bart’s B’s or Better program grade requirement will be given three tickets to attend the New Orleans Hornets season finale against the Dallas Mavericks on April 14, 2013.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Morris Bart on the day of Langston Hughes’ Bart’s B’s Kick Off Party.  Here is the transcript of my interview:

I sit off to the side with my computer in my lap looking, typing, searching for ….. AHH! I found it in the eyes of the children as they waltz in spring heeled and ready for action. JOY! The light steps of a dancing Blue Bee are causing giggles and jubilance. Morris Bart you have created this wonderful room of true smiles and unabashed excitement.

A: Great to meet you Mr. Bart! How are you feeling after seeing all those kids?

B: I feel excited and upbeat about the program and the fact the children have such a beautiful facility to learn in. Seeing all these kids also makes me happy I’m helping to affect the future of New Orleans. 

A: So what made you start the Bart’s B’s project?

B: Well I have always felt that education is the most important element of improving the life of a city. I have been a big supporter for education all around especially in the public schools since I am a  product of the New Orleans public school system.

A: How has your program made an impact in the children’s lives?

B: I think it’s just another way to provide encouragement to the kids to stay and do well in school with something very exciting like a Hornets game!

A: What was the biggest challenge in making Bart’s B’s?

B: Well, it has been interesting rather than a challenge. I found everyone to be really receptive!  The Hornets  and schools were looking for a program to help the kids, and the children seemed to loved it as well. Overall, getting this program started has been a very positive experience.

A: Thank you for your time Mr. Bart!  Any closing statements?

B: I think that the love the children show me and the Hornets has got to be the greatest reward I have gotten from the Bart’s B’s or Better program. 

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