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‘Kickin Ashe’– Halloween Style

November 5, 2013

My City Year experience at Arthur Ashe Charter School has been sincerely delightful thus far, and I know that great things will continue to happen. Taking on a co-teacher role in a classroom full of thirty-three rambunctious Kindergartners can prove a definite test of patience. However, watching the kids grow mentally and socially is an absolute joy, and I wouldn’t trade working in Kindergarten for any other grade level.

Perhaps the most joyful I have seen the kids as of yet was Halloween, during Ashe’s Fall Fest.

Although the kids usually wear uniforms, they were allowed to adorn themselves in their Halloween costumes for the day.The costumes ranged from Iron Man to Power Rangers to Lebron James. We had multiple students as Batman, plenty of ninjas and, of course, a wide range of princesses. Ashe is a relatively structured environment, and seeing the kids out of uniform – just being kids – was enough to remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Kindergartners have an amazing ability to take on whatever identity they choose and run with it, as if no one could ever tell them otherwise. A boy in an Incredible Hulk costume acted as though he was invincible, while a girl dressed as a fairy ran around waving her wand, adamantly believing her magic abilities could be felt and seen by everyone around her. The imagination is a beautiful thing, and this is more obvious than ever when it comes to five-year-olds and Halloween.

Experiencing this age group through City Year helps me remember the joy in the little things. I miss the days when I would shriek at the thought of a bounce house, or candy, or a sack race on the grass. However, seeing the blissful smiles on the faces of these kids takes me back to a more innocent time.

Back to when “I can’t” wasn’t a fathomable thought. When dreams weren’t considered dreams, but achievable goals. Vocabulary grows immensely in Kindergarten, but I hope that my service with these children will help keep “can’t” out of it.

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