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A Letter to December: 3 Lessons I Have Learned So Far…

December 10, 2013

dear december

Dear December,

As our first semester wraps up and Quarter 2 of grades come to a close I felt compelled to say it’s good to see you. If we’re being completely honest I wasn’t sure if I’d be around to meet you. A long bumpy road led me to Louisiana and to City Year but when it’s all said and done and I think about the experiences I’ve had, I’m glad I made it. I think over the past five months I’ve learned three extremely important things.

Number 1: Life is not about you. When working for the good of your community and the people who inhabit it, your needs become a lot less important. This isn’t to say you start to practice self-neglect but when thoughts weigh heavily on your mind it’s easier to do a mental check and recognize whether you have made yourself too big of a factor in whatever scenario you may be dealing with. This realization has allowed me to better serve my staff, community and my students because I find myself more concerned about them and wanting to best serve them in whatever way seems the most needed.

Number 2: Change can be a wonderful thing even when it’s unexpected. Our school recently had an administration change and the trickle down affect has been phenomenal. Staff seems really pleased and students are taking ownership in their school again. In fact, one of our students was so excited about the new beginnings at Clark that she wrote an Op-Ed piece for a local paper down here. I think reading it had to be one of my proudest moments as a teacher/corps member.

Number 3: Life really is empty without people to share it with. My team has acted as solid ground to stand on when other things seem to be sinking. Leaning on others makes your load a lot less heavy and the work we do with City Year can get pretty deep. I’m so glad I have my team with me!

So thank you December for patiently waiting. I hope I’ll be able to make the most of you and I look forward to learning even more about myself, about my students and about my corps. All you’ve given me has heightened my desire to serve even more.




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