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A Day of Love with City Year and NBA Cares

March 11, 2014

city year nbacares

It was Valentine’s Day and while some woke up with the intention of rocking the shirt that they always get compliments on or the red dress that their boyfriend loves so much, both me and the rest of my City Year team were pumped not to wear red for Valentine’s Day but to wear our red City Year jackets for the NBA Cares Service Day!

We were scheduled to have over 300 volunteers and I was thrilled. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have so many people at the site where I serve, along with your casual NBA players. I was on the greeters team and got to see the madness play out as volunteers went from fervently working to snapping selfies, no shame, they’re the reason we were able to do so many positive things!


Locker rooms were spruced up, our field officially became a courtyard full of great benches that people built and painted, Dirk Nowitzki’s bench turned out pretty swell if you ask me. Tony Parker and Chris Paul worked on the murals in our cafeteria and Lebron James and Chris Bosh laid a few bricks out on our students’ new cafeteria-side patio. But when they showed up, all work stopped. And when Dwayne Wade popped in the same was true. Having them around was super cool but when I think back over the day my favorite part had nothing to do with the players. It was about the service. It was about me looking around and seeing people working on different projects, seeing individuals from different backgrounds come together for the love of our school. People who’d never been here before and would never be here again cared enough to make sure that our students would be products of an environment they were grateful to spend time in.

Every NBA player was gone by 3:30 but all the real VIPs, the ones rocking those spiffy City Year jackets didn’t leave the school until after 8:30, a full 13 hours after we’d started our day that morning. And when one of my students walked up and said that we had “really worked wonders on Clark” I felt what love is. It’s not about that shirt that always gets you compliments or the red dress that your boyfriend loves so much on you, it’s about bringing in selflessness to everything you do.

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