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Never Can Say Goodbye: 3 Tips to End Your City Year with Pride

April 17, 2014

We’ve got about a week left and I can’t really believe it. May 1 seemed so far off when I first committed myself to it but because it’s approaching, I thought I’d take a moment to share ways I’ve been able to finish off the year strong with my students.


  1. Bringing as much Enthusiasm to my Final Days as I did to my First

Depending on the type of person you are it may seem easy to lose the pep you started the year with, routines have become dry, student attendance is waning and even the school’s staff seems to be kind of underwhelmed by all that’s going on.  The way I was able to combat this is by introducing new elements into my classes. I started making time for choral reading in one of my small groups and in the other one I made time to work on life skills – something I feel like any and all high school students can benefit from. I wanted my students to walk away from this year with something that would forever be relevant to them.

  1. Smiling Even When I Don’t Feel like It

Now this one may seem basic but it ties in with what I was saying before. As the end of the year gets closer and closer people just aren’t typically as enthusiastic about each workday as they were when they first started. The vice principal at my school even commented on how despite the tough work we do I’m able to smile and I’ve found that there are some days when that smile has helped someone else more than it’s helped me – whether that someone is a student or a colleague everyone can benefit from positivity.


  1. Focusing on the Right Now and Not What Comes Next

This last tip is one that is very special to my heart and I would probably consider it to be the most important. When the end of anything is in sight it becomes easy to just stop trying to be good at what you’re already doing and start thinking about what comes next for you. While it is always good to be forward thinking, getting so caught up in next steps only introduces worry of the unknown and cheats today of its energy. Life goes on, of that we can be sure, but waiting on your next move should not be something that is done passively, each moment should be spent blooming best where you’re planted because you never know how today’s actions or lack of action will effect where you’re going. Take life as it comes and put the same amount of effort in today’s struggles as you would put in tomorrow’s success.


Written by Brie Daniels

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